Investigator Resources

MGPC's aim is to offer support to the Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine department’s faculty, students, and other researchers in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Below is a list of the analysis available through MGPC for investigators

Data management or storage options

Options available for data storage include MGPC servers, Colonial One, or AWS. For more information email:

Analytical pipelines

  • Absolute and comparative abundance of expression (FPKM)
  • Next generation whole transcriptome sequencing: in silico and in vitro collaborative venues
  • Splicing: novel isoforms, absolute and comparative abundance of novel and known isoforms
  • Variations: novel and known variants

Post-analytical pipelines

  • Integration of variation, expression, and splicing in search for novel regulatory networks
  • Comparative expression and variation analysis with population and cancer-centered public datasets
  • Extraction of cancer related features: loss-of-heterozygosity, allele-preferential expression, RNA editing, disease-driving somatic changes
  • Noncoding transcriptome
  • Selected gene or pathway focused analyses: alignment of within user’s dataset info with the public sources on specific genes and pathways of interest
  • Custom user-generated analyses and queries
  • Advise for wet-lab validation

Epigenomic pipelines

  • Mapping of ChIP-seq reads to reference genome - coding and non-coding regions
  • Peak calling
  • Linking with histone marks
  • Analysis of peak co-ordinates and associated gene-annotation
  • MOTIF analysis

Proteome-wide analysis of effects of non-synonymous variation

  • Analysis of functional impact of variation on active site, binding sites, pathways and domains
  • Analysis of effects of variation on Post-translational modifications

Metagenomic analysis

  • Analysis of short-reads from metagenomes to determine taxonomic distribution

Phylogentic analysis using SNP data

  • Create phylogenetic trees from SNP data to classify samples

For analysis of RNA-related or DNA mutation calling email:

For analysis of metagenomic data, HIV and HCV quasispecies analysis, or analysis using the HIVE platform email: